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European Windows Chicago- Are you looking to install European Windows in your home?

If you’re looking to install European Windows in your home regardless of size or layout, then look no further than the experts at Windows Contractor Chicago. We have over 20 years of experience in providing our customers with replacement windows that are both stylish and functional whilst not compromising on quality. Installation is made easy when you choose to purchase through us as we provide all the necessary components for installation straight to your door, so everything arrives in one go!

It’s not just our installations either. Our team can help you find the quality window replacement parts that you need to finish off your installation perfectly. Whether you’re looking for something specific like handles, hinges, or even grids, we can source them quickly and easily online and deliver them straight to your door (for free!).

So if you are looking to install European-style Windows in your home, be sure to check out Windows Contractor Chicago’s dedicated website for more information on products, prices, and services.

What are European-style Windows?

European-style windows are typically taller and narrower than traditional American-style windows. They often have a more minimalist design with less ornamentation and are popular in modern homes. European-style windows can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, or aluminum. They may be opened either by sliding them open horizontally or by lifting them vertically.

What are the benefits of installing European-style Windows?

European style Windows have a modern appearance and today have become the most popular of all replacement windows. Homeowners prefer them because they are less intrusive than traditional double-hung or sliding sash windows, allowing more light to enter the home due to their slim shape. Also, unlike older designs, European-style Windows will not stick in cold weather, and they can be easily cleaned from the inside.

The most obvious benefit of European-style windows is their ability to provide increased ventilation and airflow into your home. This can help reduce condensation inside during cooler weather by allowing warmer air to escape through the top of the frame, while fresh air enters via the bottom when required. They also allow for easy access between the interior and exterior. Whether you wish to open them for fresh air or gain entry in an emergency situation, accessing these types of windows without having to climb over furniture or squeeze through tight openings is far simpler than traditional sash windows!

European-style windows offer a comfortable level of security without compromising on functionality and are a great choice for those who want the best of both worlds. They can be easily cleaned from inside your home, come fitted with locks for extra security, and provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. If you’re looking to improve the ventilation and airflow in your home or simply want a window that is easy to use and provides enhanced security, European windows from Windows Contractor Chicago are the perfect solution!

European style windows can provide a number of benefits for your home, including:

  • A more modern look that can improve the appearance of your home
  • Increased energy efficiency, helping to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Improved sound insulation, providing a quieter space
  • A safe and secure glass design, so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected at all times.
  • The option to choose a window that meets your specific needs, such as those that open from the top or those with locks for added security

If any of these benefits sound appealing, then European-style windows may be perfect for you. Be sure to get in touch with Windows Contractor Chicago today for more information. At Window Contractor Chicago, we specialize in quality European-style Windows, and our team can help you choose the perfect replacement windows for your home. We offer a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, and all of our windows are made from the finest materials. We also provide free delivery and installation on all orders!

What is the cost of installing European-style windows?

The cost for installing European-style windows will depend on a number of different factors, including the size and type of replacement window you have, the materials required, and whether or not any additional features are required. For our top-quality products and workmanship today, contact a member of the Windows Contractor Chicago team directly to find out more about how much your installation may cost.

The type of window you choose will depend on your home’s layout and the amount of space you have available.

How do European windows open?

European-style windows open in two ways – either horizontally or vertically. Horizontal sliding windows are the most common and simply slide open along the horizontal track. Vertical lift windows are a newer design and are opened by lifting them up and out of the frame. This style is gaining in popularity as it does not take up as much space as a traditional window and provides easier access to the inside of the home.

European windows can open in two different ways – either inward or outward. Inward opening windows are the most commonly used and open on a track, allowing you to slide them along horizontally. This style of window takes up less space than traditional American sash windows, which tend to swing open vertically.

They also allow for easy access from your home’s interior to the outside, as they are opened close to the wall. Outward opening windows are designed with ventilation in mind and are fitted with hinges that allow them to be lifted vertically into an open position. Combined with an insect screen, these types of windows provide the ultimate protection against unwanted insects entering your home. Maintenance is simple too, as they can be effortlessly cleaned from inside without removing them!

Do European windows have screens?

The answer to this question is yes! All European-style windows from Windows Contractor Chicago will come fitted with a locking screen. These screens are designed to resist wind and rain, which can affect the airflow in your home during stormy weather, affecting both the temperature inside and the energy efficiency of your windows. The lockable screen will provide an additional layer of security for you and your family by providing privacy while allowing airflow into your home even when they are closed.

European windows will either have insect screens or not, but they definitely need protection against the elements. We recommend window screens (sold separately) can be fitted onto all our windows to keep out unwanted insects like no-see-ums. It also keeps out dirt and stops any moisture from getting inside your new windows or doors.

Do European-style windows come with locks?

Security is a top priority for us here at Windows Contractor Chicago, and we know that you want to feel safe in your own home. As such, all of our windows are provided with locks that can be opened from both the inside and outside of your home. This provides extra security while remaining simple to open when required – no more hassle trying to find keys or break down doors!

Additional or upgraded locks can always be purchased separately should you require them to provide an additional level of protection. Not sure whether your existing window handles meet safety standards? We can supply you with free samples so you can test their strength yourself to ensure they are up to the task. To find out more, simply get in touch with your local Windows Contractor Chicago consultant today.