Window In Poor Condition: When To Change Your Wooden Windows?

It is essential to contact a competent artisan because the repair of wooden windows requires quality work to regain their aesthetics and insulation performance.

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The professional who takes care of the renovation of your wooden joinery is the carpenter. You must therefore select the professional who will work with you in your region to limit travel costs.

It may happen that renovating your wooden windows is less attractive than a complete window change. This is particularly the case when your bay windows and windows are single-glazed. Not very insulating and not very secure, this glazing is often replaced by double glazing for better sound and thermal insulation.

It is also possible that your wooden windows are so rotten or damaged that the frame and the sash are irrecoverable. Rather than patching up the windows, it is preferable to replace them again entirely to ensure good thermal comfort.

Whatever the reason for changing your joinery, the work may, under certain conditions, be part of the energy transition and energy-saving aid system. Changing your wooden windows allows you to benefit from aids that will reduce the final bill.

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